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1998 Ford Flasher Relay

Select vehicle model
Year Range Model Engine Chassis
1997-1998ContourL4 2.0
1997-1998ContourV6 2.5
1995-1998Contour GLL4 2.0
1995-1998Contour GLV6 2.5
1995-1999Contour LXL4 2.0
1995-1999Contour LXV6 2.5
1995-2000Contour SEV6 2.5
1998-2000Contour SVTV6 2.5
1993-1998Cr Victoria PoliceV8 4.6
1992-2006Crown VictoriaV8 4.6
1992-2006Crown Victoria LXV8 4.6
1992-1998Crown Victoria SV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 C/Wag ChateauV6 4.2
1997-1998E-150 C/Wag ChateauV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 C/Wag ChateauV8 5.4
1997-1998E-150 Club WagonV6 4.2
1997-1998E-150 Club WagonV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 Club WagonV8 5.4
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLV6 4.2
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLV8 5.4
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLTV6 4.2
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLTV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 Club Wagon XLTV8 5.4
1997-1998E-150 EconolineV6 4.2
1997-1998E-150 EconolineV8 4.6
1997-1998E-150 EconolineV8 5.4
1997-1998E-250 EconolineV6 4.2
1997-1998E-250 EconolineV8 5.4
1992-1998E-350 C/Wag ChateauV8 7.3D
1997-1998E-350 C/Wag ChateauV8 5.4
1997-1998E-350 C/Wag ChateauV10 6.8
1988-1998E-350 Club WagonV8 7.3D
1997-1998E-350 Club WagonV8 5.4
1997-1998E-350 Club WagonV10 6.8
1988-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLV8 7.3D
1997-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLV8 5.4
1997-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLV10 6.8
1988-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLTV8 7.3D
1997-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLTV8 5.4
1997-1998E-350 Club Wagon XLTV10 6.8
1988-1998E-350 EconolineV8 7.3D
1997-1998E-350 EconolineV10 6.8
1997-1998E-350 EconolineV8 5.4
1997-2002EscortL4 2.0
1997-1999Escort LXL4 2.0
1998-2000Escort SEL4 2.0
1997-1998Escort SportL4 2.0
1998-1999Escort ZX2 CoolL4 2.0
1998-1999Escort ZX2 HotL4 2.0
1997-2002Expedition 2WD E/BauV8 4.6
1997-2002Expedition 2WD E/BauV8 5.4
1997-2002Expedition 2WD XLTV8 4.6
1997-2002Expedition 2WD XLTV8 5.4
1997-1998Expedition 4WD E/BauV8 4.6
1997-2002Expedition 4WD E/BauV8 5.4
1997-2002Expedition 4WD XLTV8 4.6
1997-2002Expedition 4WD XLTV8 5.4
1997-2001Explorer 2WD E/BaurV6 4.0
1996-2001Explorer 2WD E/BaurV8 5.0
1997-2001Explorer 2WD LimitedV6 4.0
1996-2001Explorer 2WD LimitedV8 5.0
1996-2001Explorer 2WD XLTV8 5.0
1997-2001Explorer 4WD E/BaurV6 4.0
1997-2001Explorer 4WD LimitedV6 4.0
1996-2001Explorer AWD E/BaurV8 5.0
1996-2001Explorer AWD LimitedV8 5.0
1995-2000Explorer XL 2WD OHVV6 4.0
1997-2000Explorer XL 2WD SOHCV6 4.0
1995-2000Explorer XL 4WD OHVV6 4.0
1997-2000Explorer XL 4WD SOHCV6 4.0
1996-2001Explorer XLT AWDV8 5.0
1995-2000Explr 2WD Spt OHVV6 4.0
1997-2000Explr 2WD Spt SOHCV6 4.0
1995-2000Explr 2WD XLT OHVV6 4.0
1997-2001Explr 2WD XLT SOHCV6 4.0
1995-2000Explr 4WD Spt OHVV6 4.0
1997-2000Explr 4WD Spt SOHCV6 4.0
1995-2000Explr 4WD XLT OHVV6 4.0
1997-2001Explr 4WD XLT SOHCV6 4.0
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 2WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 4WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XL R/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 2WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 4WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XL S/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar RC 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar RC 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar RC 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar RC 4WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar SC 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar SC 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar SC 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT Lar SC 4WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 2WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 4WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT R/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 2WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 4WDV6 4.2
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-2003F-150 XLT S/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1997-1998F-250 R/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-1998F-250 R/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-1998F-250 R/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-1998F-250 R/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1997-1998F-250 S/Cab 2WDV8 4.6
1997-1998F-250 S/Cab 2WDV8 5.4
1997-1998F-250 S/Cab 4WDV8 4.6
1997-1998F-250 S/Cab 4WDV8 5.4
1994-1998MustangV6 3.8
1996-1998Mustang Cobra SVTV8 4.6
1996-1998Mustang GTV8 4.6
1998-2002Ranger (Electric)E
1998-2000Ranger R/Cab 2WDV6 4.0
1998-2000Ranger R/Cab 2WDV6 3.0
1998-2001Ranger R/Cab 2WDL4 2.5
1998-2000Ranger R/Cab 4WDV6 4.0
1998-2000Ranger R/Cab 4WDV6 3.0
1998-2000Ranger S/Cab 2WDV6 4.0
1998-2000Ranger S/Cab 2WDV6 3.0
1998-2001Ranger S/Cab 2WDL4 2.5
1998-2000Ranger S/Cab 4WDV6 4.0
1998-2000Ranger S/Cab 4WDV6 3.0
1996-1999Taurus LXV6 3.0
1996-1999Taurus SHOV8 3.4
1995-2000WindstarV6 3.0
1995-2003WindstarV6 3.8

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